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All young people are subject to a standard educational assessment.


An extensive range of tailored intervention programmes.

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Needs-led consultation sessions and tailored training events.


We are recruiting foster carers from all backgrounds and with a range of experiences.  You can be Married, divorced, single or living as a couple.  Female or male Have no children, children at home or children who have left home.  You like children and young people Young people needing your care JMT foster carers work with young people who can’t live with their birth families for a number of reasons.  They need time in foster families sometimes for weeks and sometimes for years.  Their experiences often include living with drug or alcoholic abuse, neglect, emotional abuse or physical or sexual abuse.  They may have experience domestic violence or parental mental health issues and have lived in an environment where they are highly stressed, unsafe and have no one to trust. They may have had to care for their parents or younger siblings in different ways.  JMT carers can look after young people who have specialist or complex health needs and need lots of support from medical and or social work teams.  We can also support young people who have no family in the UK and are seeking asylum.  Any young person affected by disability, with English as a second language or who may be a young parent could be placed with a JMT carer.


Your job as a JMT foster carer is to accept the young person into your family.  You need to be available and listen.  Offer constant and predictable care.  Be warm and clear about the rules in your home.  You must have  A room for a child where they don’t have to share with anyone else, Be aged over 21 at the beginning of your assessment Have the right to live and work in Scotland  Patience, resilience, and a sense of humour Rewards for fostering Fostering is a really rewarding profession.  The impact a foster carer and their family can have on the life of a child or young adult who needs to be looked after away from their own home is huge and lasting.   The rewards for you as a carer are: Helping a child have a positive experience to grow and develop; Learning from that child and through training and support from your qualified social worker; Working in your own home and having time to plan and prepare for the daily tasks associated with being a carer; Welcoming a child into your family is a great experience for your own young or adult children and can have a positive impact on the whole family; You become more reflective and thoughtful as you consider what works and what doesn’t in the fostering role.


JMT carers commit to one carer being at home and available full time. This allows children placed to experience  constant and consistent care.   Carers are paid both fees and allowances monthly.  The fees are the carers proportion and the allowances are paid with guidance about how much a young person requires for clothes, hobbies etc.   Carers payments reflect the competitive market that fostering agencies work in and the expectation that one carer stay at home with a child and becomes a carer full time.


JMT have had some placements where a young person has been there for years and is very settled and carers have benefitted from working part time in the child care sector or gone onto further training.  This would be discussed with you at the time of your assessment.


A young person will have a plan that determines the type of placement they need.  We provide placements on this basis to allow carers abilities to be matched to a young persons needs.  Short-term placements range from a few days to 2 years and anything inbetween.  A young person with a short term plan may be returning home or preparing to live with relatives.   Long-term placements can are usually for young people where there has been a decision made about them being unable to live at home on a permanent basis.


JMT Fostering

JMT Fostering is one of Scotland's leading independent fostering agencies. We support foster carers throughout Scotland to provide a first class service, helping them achieve positive outcomes for looked after children and young people.

JMT Fostering

JMT FosteringSunday, March 26th, 2017 at 7:57pm

Happy Mother's Day to all mum's everywhere, but an extra special Mother's Day wish goes out to our foster mum's who are going the extra mile every day. Thank you for being such amazing 'mum's'. 💕from all at JMT fostering 🌈

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JMT Fostering

JMT FosteringSunday, March 26th, 2017 at 11:21am

In touch team out fundraising this week for Marie Curie. Pics to follow.

JMT Fostering

Marie Curie UK

Support people living with a terminal illness this March. Every donation counts!

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JMT Fostering

JMT FosteringThursday, March 23rd, 2017 at 7:30am

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Our foster carers believe that offering a permanent foster placement to a young person is a great way to help that young person feel part of their fostering family. The young person may have lived there since they were in primary school and now they are planning to move into the world of work or training or further/higher education. Our carers offer a continuing care placement to young people who have grown up in their homes and who are not ready to leave.


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