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All young people are subject to a standard educational assessment.


An extensive range of tailored intervention programmes.

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Needs-led consultation sessions and tailored training events.

   JMT Care Services:   FAQ'S

I am a single person - can I be a foster carer?

Yes, you can be assessed like anyone else.

What age can I be a foster carer?

Anyone older that 21 can foster.

Do I need to have a spare room?

Yes.  It is important to afford children and young people their own space within the home. It may be acceptable for siblings to share dependent on their age and gender.

Can I still work full time?

No. Foster carers need to be available to attend meetings/training events/panel meetings in respect of the child/ren they are looking after.  Sometimes children may also be out of school for different reasons.  Part time hours may be acceptable as long as there is a flexibility to undertake any fostering tasks.

If you apply as a couple, only one of you is required not to work full time.

Can we take the child on holiday with us?

Yes.  We would hope that carers would wish to take children with them on holiday as this encourages them to feel part of your family.

Will I be employed by the agency?

No. For Tax and National Insurance purposes you are considered self employed and therefore responsible for your own financial matters. We can help you get in touch with people who can give you advice on what this means for you.

I am in a same sex relationship, can I be a foster carer?

Yes, you can be assessed like anyone else.

I have raised my own family so have I knowledge and skills to be a foster carer?

You certainly will have knowledge and skills that can be transferred to the fostering role.  However, fostering other people’s children can be very different from raising your own family.  We would hope to discuss this with you throughout the assessment process.

How long does the process take?

The fostering assessment can take up to 6 months to complete.  The process involves a home/family study, preparation training and completion of statutory checks for you and others aged 16+ living in your household.

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JMT Fostering is a small not-for-profit organisation located in Scotland with offices in Livingston, Dundee and Prestwick. Since 1997, we have sought to make a difference for Scotland’s children and young people who are unable to remain at home. With JMT Fostering, children and young people have placements that are supported and secure because we have foster carers who are committed to making a difference in their lives.


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