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It is our belief that every young adult who was fostered as a child has the right to continue to benefit from a positive experience of family life, enabling each to fulfil their potential in a family where they feel secure and have a sense of belonging. We acknowledge that most young adults will live within their own family or independently but there are occasions when this cannot happen and alternative arrangements have to be made. Working in partnership with local authorities, JMT Care Services is committed to providing a quality family experience, enabling young adults who were looked after and accommodated with our foster carers to remain with those families beyond the age of 18 years where this is considered necessary and appropriate.

This service is only available to young people that have been in a JMT Foster Placement. If carers have the appropriate space to accommodate a young adult and a looked after child/young person they may be registered as both a JMT young adult carer and JMT foster carer.


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JMT Fostering is a small not-for-profit organisation located in Scotland with offices in Livingston, Dundee and Prestwick. Since 1997, we have sought to make a difference for Scotland’s children and young people who are unable to remain at home. With JMT Fostering, children and young people have placements that are supported and secure because we have foster carers who are committed to making a difference in their lives.


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